What should I write about?

Lately I’ve found myself in a curious situation where I’ve been surrounded by a numerous amount of discussions and podcasts all with the same query around a subject: What should someone write in the dawn of his / her blogging career ?

To be honest, in an internal search of mine, I have wondered the same thing over and over again. “Am I an imposter or am I a fraud or something?” All these questions seem to spin around my head over and over. And, if you are experiencing same thoughts, you should not be worried. At all. It’s a natural inclination for all of us to want to be pioneers at something or take the first place at anything we do. And frankly, I don’t blame us. With all of the unoriginal content flooding around the web, I’m in the same place as most of you right now.

1. Don’t stress it the fuck out!

For God’s sake! For God knows how long, no-one is going to read whatever the heck you are writing about. Even if it’s heavenly produced or not, honestly they don’t care. And they don’t care, because they haven’t discovered you yet. Or never. Just like me. And that’s completely fine. Work takes time. Greatness takes time. Just trust the process, pour your soul on — digital — paper and you should be just fine.

2. Write what excites!

Woo — hoo !!!

This should honestly be your only concern. That’s the exact reason I’m writing these lines right now. If what you write, doesn’t represent you, doesn’t resonate with you in any way, shape or form, then it shouldn’t be on your blog. Or anywhere in your digital presence. Your content has to be born from genuine interest or excitement for a particular subject and you should devote the exact time required to learn and to be capable to reproduce your thoughts in a simply understood manner for everyone. Imagine your everyday life. Imagine your hobbies and what you enjoy most. That’s the stuff you should write about. Period. Your genuine interests genuinely may interest others. So stop overthinking it. And just write.

3. There is no Niche!

There is an increasingly amount of people that seem to be worried in which category of creators they’re going to fall. Let me ask you this. Directly. Why should you be even remotely in this right now? Do your own thing and let others judge you and categorise you however they seem fittingly. And no, you should not care about it. Because if you’ve done step #2 properly, then you might have just become known for what you most likely adore. And that’s more a dream than a nightmare.. At least for me. So, there’s no niche. There’s nothing that you should focus on and let anything else aside. Whatever you enjoy writing, that’s your niche. And that’s ok.

4. You are you are your niche!

Great stuff.

You can seriously establish yourself exactly as you wan to be known. To be exact, if I want to be known for writing these kind of topics I can. Or if I want to be known for my interest in animals, let’s say so, I also can. It’s the kind of stuff you write that can relate you with another person and what you choose to be perceived as your image. Anything is at your own reach and disposal. You are you are your niche! Embrace you!


You have just started. You are great. Please keep these two crucial factors in mind any single time you rush out to judge yourself. You are an awesome human being. Don’t beat yourself up. You don’t need it. I’ve just given you my opinion in a highly discussed topic and my highlights summarise effectively the opinion of every single one of the very best in the same industry that you and I all have signed upon. It’s our game and it’s literally and figuratively in our fingertips in order to make it work.
Don’t stress. Do your best. And forget the rest.

To sum up,

Embrace your inner self,

indulge in your natural inclination for writing and talking for whatever you want,

get excited with your writing and

don’t ever stress.

Good luck to all of us in this journey.

I am a Teacher and a life enthusiast. Purpose of this thing is to live happier and to our true potential.